Handpan Yoga


Yoga Posture Egnazia Touring


Dynamic and Energetic Yoga session focused on increasing endurance, strength and flexibility. The whole Session is accompanied by the Live performance of our Handpan Musician.

Yoga Posture Egnazia Touring


More Static Yoga session focused on stretching and opening the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and spine. The entire session is accompanied by the Live performance of our Handpan Musician


Yoga is a millenary discipline that involves body, posture, breath and spirituality, increasing the psychophysical Wellness of the person and thus improving the state of health.

For this reason, in the wonderful context of an all-Apulian setting, between sea, olive trees and mountains, we have created two perfect combinations of Yoga Sessions accompanied by the skilful mastery of our Handpan Player: an instrument with a delicate and rhythmic sound capable of moving the soul and thoughts towards a Higher direction.

The two Sessions will last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the needs of the Participants, and they’re characterized as follows.
Yoga Power Vinyasa Flow / Ashtanga is an energetic form of Yoga in which one moves smoothly from one pose to another by connecting the breath to the movements. It is based on the traditional style of Ashtanga Yoga and has similar qualities and benefits, including the ability to create internal heat through the yogic breathing, and increase endurance, strength and flexibility.

Slow Yin Yoga is an excellent passive Yoga Practice for stretching and lubricating connective tissue deep within the body. Yin Yoga differs from Hatha Yoga or dynamic practices because it involves fewer sitting postures performed for 3-5 minutes each. Yin Yoga is great for anyone who feels tension in muscle tissue and joints and can be practiced by any level of participant.


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