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In the area of ​​Parco delle Dune Costiere we will walk through the bed of a huge dried up river, characterized by rough terrain, ancient caves, a massive and abandoned Farm with a stunning panoramic view of sea, mountains and wild nature. Suggested for sport people and Nature and Adventure lovers.


For those who love Nature, Walking and History, we propose the visit to a famous rocky settlement: a whole village about the 12th Century. b.C. approximately, entirely excavated in the rock. The walkable ground is uniform and easy, ideal for those who love walking and approaching to the Hiking more comfortably.


Nature is the main element of all our experiences, and living it in such a pure way as it comes within these Apulian scenaries, it gives to our soul a feeling of freedom and reconnection with the Everything.

For this reason, we propose two different itineraries, in order to satisfy the needs of any individual.

Nature and Adventure Experience is a wilder path, characterized by rough dirt roads, scents of aromatic herbs of all kinds, alleys hidden from wild nature, huge sandy and rocky caves, breathtaking views and unforgettable emotions. An experience designed to entertain and amaze Adventure and Nature Lovers in a perfect mix of discovery, walk and psychophysical wellness.

Nature and History Experience is a linear, relaxing and suitable for everyone tour. This one, as well as the previous one, is located inside an ancient riverbed, commonly called “Lama“, and along which, between the VI and the XIV century b.C., a small tribe began to dig the rock to create a real rudimentary houses, including a small church that can be visited, still rich in all the frescoes of that epoch. 


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