Scuba Diving



Sensational and Funny Experience for kids starting from 8 years old


First emotional Diving Experience in the Sea  starting from 10 years old


First level of PADI international certification to dive up to 18 meters


Second level of PADI international certification to dive up to 30 meters


Depending on place and depth, It will be possible to admire caves, sea walls, archaeological sites and exciting shipwrecks.


Bubble Maker & Discover Scuba Diving are the first two great experiences for those who have never dived and have no experience with it. At the age of 8, it is already possible to have fun playing and breathing underwater in the pool. From the age of 10 it will be possible to enjoy the wonders of the underwater world in confined and open waters, after a short theory and small preparatory exercises.

The Open Water Diver Course is the first level of Diving Certification and includes all the main theory, exercises in the pool and dives in confined and open water up to a depth of 18 meters. This license is focused on the acquisition of the most important skills and the knowledge of the main rules of diving, to dive with absolute safety and tranquility.

The Advanced Open Water Diver Course is the second level of Diving Certification and provides a more specific theory concerning the depth and some Underwater Specialties that will begin during this course. The maximum depth that can be reached through the acquisition of this license is 30 meters.

The most important diving spots for Licensed Divers in our area concern:

  • The Archaeological Site of Egnazia at a depth of 5-7 meters, where it is possible to admire the entire submerged structure of the Old Port of Egnazia (III Century b.C. – III Century a.C.) together with an infinity of shards of ancient amphoraes used to be traded at that time.
  • The Torre Incina Cave is a large cave located at a depth of 14 meters with inside it a Virgin Marie Statue made colorful by the marine vegetation and adorned with decorations such as rosaries and devotional necklaces. To further enrich this experience is a hole located on the upper part of the cave through which we can easly pass through before concluding the dive.
  • The Taglio del Vescovo is a rocky sea wall located between 14 and 18 meters deep characterized by small caves rich in local fauna and flora, Neon Fish and Sea Anemones
  • The Islamoglu Wreckship is a 57-meter Turkish ship sunk in 1992 located on a 40-meter sandy bottom in a perfect state of navigation, although the dive takes place between 20 and 30 meters of depth where it is possible to admire the entire structure of the wreck, as well as local fauna and flora typical of this depth.


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