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An unforgettable day aboard our fishing boats for an unparalleled experience that involves men, women and children, having fun all together with fishing and cooking in this  unique activity that includes the preparation of handmade cavatelli, the catch of fish and the union of both products for an exquisite lunch all made on board.

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Our Master Pasta Maker will accompany you on a gastronomic and culinary journey towards the creation of the most characteristic dishes of the territory of Fasano: from the processing of tomatoes for the sauce, to the transformation of flour into pasta, focaccia, bread, taralli, panzerotti and other classics of this wonderful Region.

treasure Egnazia Touring


We have transformed the classic Treasure Hunt and made it even more exciting and mysterious, hiding under the ground, in metal boxes, the clues that will lead you to the final treasure. You will have at your disposal a map, a shovel and a Metal Detector. This experience is suitable for small business groups such as Team Building activities, Families and groups of Friends.
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Imagine 10-20 boats with sails unfolded with your Company’s Logo in front of the marvelous cliffs of Polignano A Mare, imagine them sailing in the open sea or at anchor to enjoy a dive in the wonderful waters of our coast. Imagine involvement, relaxation and fun. Imagine it, because all of this is now possible.


Puglia is an extraordinary land full of experiences to live and tell. Puglia is Music, Heat, Folklore, Sea, Cuisine and Adventure. Puglia is exactly what you were looking for for your Relaxing Holiday or to discover Characteristic Villages, Historical Centers rich in Art, History, Architecture and Beauty to photograph. Puglia is Fun and Wellness, Movement and Relaxation. Puglia is all of this, and much more.

One of the most fun and special activities, designed specifically for the Family, is precisely Our Fishing and Cooking: an experience aboard a fishing boat, on which our guests can alternate between the preparation of cavatelli made in hand, under the guidance of Master Pasta Maker, and the activity of catching fish which will then be used to flavor an exquisite soup prepared together with Our Fishermen. And before lunch on board is ready to be enjoyed, do not miss the opportunity to take a dip in our wonderful and clear sea.

Tomatos and Flour is an activity designed for all those who want to put their hands in the water mixed with the flour, until it gets mixed up and turns into focaccia, bread, orecchiette, taralli or panzerotti, and  for those who want to spread the seeds of our tomatoes on the cutting board to learn the secrets of their preparation and cooking until they become an exquisite sauce to season Our First Dishes. But wait, becasue the experience doesn’t end here, in fact, in the meantime,  you will learn how to make delicious fresh mozzarella and a delicious and refreshing Cialledda Salad. In short, a half day dedicated to the Local and Apulian Gastronomy, transforming the freshly picked raw material into a rich and colorful lunch entirely made by you with the support of our Professionists.

The Real Treasure Hunt with the Metal Detector is a completely unique and particular experience, designed for Groups, Families and Team Building activity, as it transforms the classic search for clues through the use of a map, into a more wide one through the use of new necessary tools such as a shovel to dig and a metal detector to find the small metal chests hidden under the ground. Each chest will contain a new clue until the final chest will be found. Who will be able to open it?

The Sailing & Chilling is an experience designed mostly for Corporate Groups or as Team Building Activities, which involves the use of sailing boats from 12 to 15 meters in length, with the double purpose of sailing along the coast, relaxing and admiring the charm around, or to participate in sailing activities as an active part of the group. There will also be one or more stops with aperitifs, baths and refreshments near the sea caves to enjoy their evocative and characteristic beauty. It is possible to further enrich the experience with the use of Sup boards or kayak, to make the enter to the caves more pleasant and safe, as well as snorkeling equipment to enjoy the underwater discovery.


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