Timeless boat fishing technique with the classic hook and shrimp, ideal for having fun with Family and Friends.


Fascinating octopus fishing experience using ancient local techniques and secret bait combinations handed down from father to son.


Using this technique it is possible to make important catches such as large snappers, amberjacks, groupers and tuna.


Fishing is an activity that amuses adults and children, whether you do it in a sporty way or opt for a more modern Catch & Release concept, it is always exciting when a fish bites the hook and makes the tip of the rod vibrate, starting the phase of capture and discovery of the prey.

Our fishermen will assist you during every phase of your experience on board with us.

Bolentino fishing is a simple and fun technique, suitable for everyone, especially children, as it does not require too much waiting between one catch and another, nor the strength to reel in the prey. The fish that can be caught with this technique are small in size and the chances of catching are very high. Simple fishing rods, small hooks and shrimp are used as tools and bait.

Octopus fishing is a simple technique but it requires a certain amount of sensitivity and patience, as the vibration resulting from the catch is very subtle and it is easy to lose the prey as it’s not possibile to use hooks. With this technique it is possible to fish octopuses of any size and weight. The classic hand lines is used as tool with the combination of fish, crabs, plus an element that we will leave secret, as a baits.

Trolling with artificials or live lures are sport fishing techniques that require longer waiting times and more professional equipment, as the preys, when present, are always and only of large size and weight. This is a fishing technique suitable above all for adults who are aware of the waiting times, the catching chances and  have the necessary strength to pull up the preys when they bite and get hooked. To do live lure trolling, the fish must first be caught and then used as live bait (usually Mackerel, Lacerti or Calamari).


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