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Unforgettable experience within the tradition and the culture of our region through a sensorial experience that includes the taste and the discovery of the Extra Vergin Olive Oil and the taste of our typical dairy products


Fascinating Bike Tour through rural scenery surrounded by Caves, once used by Christians as habitations to hide themself from persecutions, ancient dried rivers, nowadays become riverbeds rich of thousand-year old Olive Trees and many other Fruit Trees.


Sport Experience along the main dirt roads for a total of 40 km between sea and wild nature, guided by a professional cyclist that will make you have fun, train and thrill about our marvellous Apulian Territory.


Exploring Puglia by using a bicycle means taking the time to enjoy all that this region has to offer: Art, Culture, History, Nature, Sea, Old Villages, Farms, Gastronomy and even more.

In the specifc, our Bicycle Tours focus on three differnt type of experiences.
The Cycle-Gastronomic Experience plans a tour of two different Farms. The first one is an old Farm about the 1600, surrounded by a infinite expanse of Olive Trees. Here we’ll make our first stop for an interesting taste of the extra vergin olive oil, learning how to distinguish a good quality oil (from the hundred varieties on the market) by learning how to read the label and through the olfactory and gustative experience. The tour will continue towards another Farm, passing by countryside roads surrounded by cultivated and wild lands, typical dry little walls and fruit trees that, depending on the season, will offer us pure and delicious flavours. At the second and last Farm we’ll stop by, we’ll taste some typical just made mozzarella, burrata and cheese, among the best of the entire Territory of Fasano. All of this, in the spirit of Relax and Respect for Nature, discovering Puglia and its Local Traditions.

The Cycle-Panoramic Experience plans a tour of about 20 km among countryside roads between Savelletri and Torre Canne of Fasano, to explore the Territory crossing ancient Riverbeds, once Rivers that excavated the terrein so deeply to make Natural Canals rich of vegetation and thousand-year old Olive Trees. Here we’ll find several Caves, some with still visible frescos, once used by Christians to hide and escape from persecutions or even older than these events. A bicycle Adventure rich of History, Nature, Flavours, Smells and Colours, characteristic of this maravellous Region named Puglia.

The Cycle-Sport Experience plans a tour of about 40km among countryside and dirt roads with panoramic view. A tour planned for sport people, bicycle lovers who know the pure pleasure of pedaling and want to discover the Apulia through another angle, mixing workout with pleasure, training the body and nourishing the eyes and the mind with the variegated Territory that characterizes this Region.


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